Get ready for the next few days with our weather and tide forecast. Stay ahead of the changing conditions and plan your activities accordingly. From temperatures to tides, we’ve got you covered.


Plymouth weather

TodayLight Rain 8°C (46°F) 3°C (37°F)Wind: 15mph
SaturdayLight Rain Showers 10°C (50°F) 5°C (41°F)Wind: 15mph
SundayLight Rain Showers 9°C (49°F) 4°C (39°F)Wind: 18mph

Devonport tides

Today 05:08 5.1m 11:42 1.2m 17:35 4.9m 23:56 1.2m
Saturday 05:46 5.2m 12:19 1.0m 18:10 5.0m
Sunday 00:31 1.0m 06:22 5.3m 12:52 0.9m 18:44 5.1m

We have more tidal predictions in our handbook