At Mayflower Marina we aim to provide our berth holders with very high standards of service and facility. One of the advantages of being independently owned is that our profits are reinvested in our marina rather than being creamed off to support the activities of a parent company, so when it comes to maintenance and renewals we are not hamstrung by an unreasonably tight budget. We hope that you will be impressed with our facilities.


Fresh water

Is available at every berth via hose pipes that are positioned at convenient intervals around the pontoon and boatyard estate. If you are filling your water tanks, please let the water run for at least 30 seconds before doing so. When washing your boat, please do not waste water. In-line stop taps are installed near the end of each hose to help conserve water.

Free WiFi

Berth holders have an individual Username and Password to access the marina’s WiFi network. Our network will appear as ‘Mayflower Resident’. Once you enter the log-in information you should be able to access good quality WiFi almost anywhere on site. Your individual log-in will support up to 10 devices. If you have problems connecting please ask in the marina office. WiFi is available for visiting boaters – please ask for log-in details at the marina office.


16amp 230V electricity is available at every berth. The provision of electricity is charged in addition to berthing fees via metering. For the time being berth holders will need to provide their own metered lead unless spare s are available from the marina office which are loaned free of charge against a £125 deposit that is refundable if the lead is returned to us in good condition. The unit cost of electricity is displayed on the marina office noticeboard. The provision of electricity for visiting boaters is detailed on the tariff pages of our handbook see page 40.

Fuel & Gas

The marina has a comprehensive refuelling facility, which serves diesel and unleaded petrol. The fuel berth is located adjacent to the boat hoist dock and is open 24hrs. The marina maintains stocks of bottled gas for resale. Please enquire at the marina office if you require gas or call us on VHF ch80.

Restaurant & Bar

During your stay we hope you will make use of, and enjoy Jolly Jacks restaurant and bar. Booking is recommended for the restaurant. Tel: 01752 279500

Marina living

Toilets & Showers

Mayflower Marina has a number of individual bath/shower rooms. Access to the bathrooms is only possible with a security code. The code is available from the marina office. Alternatively, there are other toilets and showers that are always open.

Refuse & Recycling

The marina maintains refuse receptacles and comprehensive recycling facilities for customer use. Further details can be found on our Environment page.


A laundry room is located between the restaurant and the toilet/shower block. The washing and drying machines are token operated. Tokens and soap powder are available from the marina office. The laundry is also home to our ‘library’. If you want something to read please take a book. We would appreciate it if you could return the book or replace it with a different one.

Staffed 24/7

The marina office is staffed continuously from 0800 – 1730. Outside these hours the office will be manned except when duty staff are on patrol or serving fuel. During the evenings or night time duty staff can be contacted by VHF radio Ch80 – callsign Mayflower Marina or by telephone 01752 556633 or 07840 116853.

Disabled access

We have installed special equipment and facilities to assist your enjoyment of the marina. If further assistance is required please ask and we will do our best to help.

Pet friendly

Well behaved pets are welcome at Mayflower Marina. Please keep your pet on a lead whilst on marina premises and please exercise them off site. Should the inevitable happen, please pick up any poop and dispose of it appropriately.


Fishing is only permitted aboard your own vessel and on the outside of the breakwater. Casting within the confines of the marina is prohibited.


Car parking

One free car parking space is offered to berth holders and to visiting yachtsmen who have a boat in the marina. For all other vehicles a period of free parking is permitted and thereafter charges apply as displayed.

Post & Deliveries

We sell books of First & Second class stamps from the marina office. We are happy to receive post on behalf of our customers. Receiving mail and parcels on behalf of customers is done in good faith and we will not accept liability for lost or damaged mail/goods. For more details please enquire in the marina office.

Key holding

If your vessel and/or vehicle is to be left unattended for any length of time, it is requested that a set of boat/vehicle keys are left in the marina office.

Flare disposal

As a service to our berth holders and to promote good environmental practice we will dispose of some types of old flare for a small donation to the RNLI. We will dispose of flares belonging to visitors or large flares or rocket lines belonging to berth holders for an ‘at cost’ fee. For more details please enquire in the marina office.

Electric car charging

We have two 7kW electrical hook-up points for charging electrical vehicles in the marina’s car park. To use these charging points please contact the marina office.


Trolleys are available from the trolley parks adjacent to the access bridgehead and by the hoist dock. Please be considerate to others and return the trolleys immediately after use. Trolleys are not to be taken off site without authorisation from the marina office.